Yorkshire has experienced an unusual theft, with 24,000 bees (and their hives) recently stolen from a private estate. Presumably the culprits were bee experts in what could be described as a ‘sting’.

Although, there is surprising news from America. Even though a few thousand injuries occur each year, a dozen or so being serious, it is nigh on impossible for a baseball spectator to claim compensation if they are  hit by a bat or ball.  Despite all we hear to the contrary with American compensation court rulings, the assumption of risk at baseball games is so deeply ingrained in court cases involving injuries, it is known as the baseball rule. Baseball tickets make it clear that spectators watch games at their own risk and it seems to be one of the few industries in the US where disclaimers work.

However, the baseball rule is being challenged by a New York lawyer who was injured at the Yankee Stadium in 2011. He has instigated two court actions to, firstly, challenge the assumption of risk doctrine and secondly, to force the stadium to install adequate netting to protect spectators.