When ‘Tank’ the bulldog attacked Kit’s friend in Kenosha County in 2015,

Kit went to the rescue and helped to restrain Tank until the Police arrived. But Tank didn’t fancy a ride in a squad car and escaped. He went for Kit who was knocked over and repeatedly bitten. Fortunately, the Police had a taser, but missed Tank and unfortunately tased Kit. Luckily, they also had a gun, but oh dear, they got Kit again.

Kit ended up with serious leg injuries, but the misfortune continued. When she sued for compensation she found that Tank’s owner’s insurance policy was limited to one dog attack only and surprise, surprise Tank had already bitten someone before, so the court ruled that the insurers did not have to pay.

And another interesting snippet from the US. Records show that 40% of Colorado road accidents occur in a 100 day period between their early and late Summer Bank Holidays. The reasoning is the extra traffic on the roads during the warmer months, especially motor bikes and an increase in drink driving because of holidays and other celebrations.