Cheating is not confined to VW, with Japanese firms Asashi Kasei and Toyo Tire & Rubber both admitting that they have been falsifying product data on the quality of building materials.

Worryingly for Japan, Asashi Kasei supplied what were supposed to be ‘quake resistant’ buildings components and Toyo supply products for ships and trains.

Elsewhere a Connecticut women has been vilified on social media for suing her 12 year old nephew for $127,000, 4 years after braking her wrist when he greeted her with over exuberance at his 8th birthday party. The US court found that the boy was not liable.

Talk Talk customers are unhappy after their accounts were hacked and bank accounts and credit cards targeted. There are now seemingly constant cyber-attacks on business, although only the serious breaches affecting big business make the headlines. Despite this, the take up of cyber cover is surprisingly low for smaller business.

And finally, the Christmas (or is it the silly) season has come to Shoreham with the M&S store making national news for taking the address of an 80+ year old couple for buying gunpowder (in a Xmas Cracker). The store blamed an overzealous checkout assistant, but someone must have told her to do it!