Insurers have been accused of profiteering by sections of the media for selling legal defence insurance to members of the armed forces.

The fact that they feel the need for insurance as protection against being sued under human rights and health and safety legislation for their battlefield decisions seems to say more about the MOD and our legal system, than insurers responding to a demand.

Perhaps insurers should also being selling cover to the Police, with the recent case of a special constable of 6 years standing losing his licence and job after being convicted for dangerous driving. He used his vehicle as a barricade to protect a colleague against motorcyclists who had been terrorising a neighbourhood, even the criminal he was chasing thought the prosecution was stupid.

Elsewhere, a private members bill to force Sat Nav providers to improve systems to stop drivers getting stuck in narrow lanes or driving into water has been withdrawn after the first reading. Perhaps the MP has decided to concentrate his efforts on improving sub-standard eyesight testing equipment after 483 people were banned from driving by the DVLA in error.