Business Protection

Is your business properly protected?

Making sense of the choice

For most businesses, insurance is a minefield. There are so many options and areas to consider. Of course, the challenge for any organisation is that insurance is only critical once a claim needs to be made and by then…. it is too late.

Business Insurance products

Below are the general areas of business insurance which companies should consider:

Public Liability Insurance – protects a business if a customer, or member of the public, suffers a loss or injury on a company’s premises, or as a result of any business activities

Employers’ Liability Insurance – protects a business from any claims by an employee who suffers injury or illness in the course of their employment. The Employers’ Liability Compulsory Insurance Act 1969 makes it compulsory for employers to have liability insurance

Office Contents Insurance / Office Buildings Insurance – protects a business if its building is damaged, also if contents are lost, damaged or stolen

Business Interruption Insurance – can be added to a company policy to protect a business from loss of income if a business is closed after suffering damage to a property etc., while repairs are taking place

Professional Indemnity Insurance – protects a business if a customer claims a business has made costly mistakes or acted negligently while undertaking work on their behalf

Personal Accident Insurance / Employee Protection – compensates a business and / or employees themselves, should key people to that organisation suffer from severe injuries, illness or die.

Software failure, hacking, viruses and cloud – as IT infrastructure is so critical to companies today, businesses can protect themselves from data loss, software failure, hacking and viruses with cyber insurance

Adequate Protection

Phil Bristow discusses the benefits to being adequately protected

Make sure you are adequately protected

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