Have you protected your company's most important assets?

What would happen to your business in the event of illness or death?

The most important asset most companies have is its people. Within any organisation there will be individuals who are not easily replaceable. Yet, many businesses fail to protect themselves should a key employee become critically ill or die. Moreover, business owners fail to protect themselves or their families in the event they are unable to work or die. Products such as:

key man insurance
life insurance
mortgage payment protection
private medical insurance
income protection
critical illness cover

all exist to ensure that individuals and businesses can function in the event of illness or death.

Don’t risk your hard work going to waste

Business Owners work hard all their lives and yet put all their endeavours at risk by not protecting themselves or other key individuals in their business.

Owner / Managers must have the peace of mind that, should they become ill, they are still able to cover mortgage payments and other expenses. Moreover, where there are business partners, protection plans should be put in place.

In the event that one business partner dies, that individual’s spouse will inherit their share of the business. However, one may not want to end up working with an ex business partner’s spouse. Agreements to have an option to buy out the spouse can be made. However, without the proper life insurance coverage the money may not be available.

Make sure your business is protected

Businesses often need to protect themselves in the same way if key employees, who are not easily replaceable, should become ill or die. Moreover, employees who, themselves, are protected through the company, with products such as:

life insurance
critical illness cover
private medical insurance

are more likely to feel valued and stay with that company.

Adequate Protection

Phil Bristow discusses the benefits to being adequately protected

Are you?

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