Insurance for Technology Suppliers?

If your business involves supplying software, selling and installing hardware for customers, providing data storage or data communications facilities or services, you must have insurance cover that caters for these 21st Century applications. For example:

What happens if you cannot supply technology-based goods or services according to the terms of a contract?
What happens if a customer’s data entrusted to your company gets into the public domain?
What happens if software supplied by your company is shown to be the intellectual property of another organisation or person?
If you have to defend allegations made by a regulatory body, is your company able to bear the additional costs and legal costs?
If, as the result of a failure of your company, a customer’s business cannot trade and suffers losses, can you afford to re-imburse your client?
Many traditional insurances do not cover these technology related issues.

At Nsure Chartered Insurance Brokers, we are dedicated to ensuring our clients are properly protected at the best possible price.We have been making certain that companies claims are settled quickly and fairly for over 35 years.

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