For Technology Users

In 21st century business, we take technology for granted as an essential tool and service. We share information within an office, around the country and the world.

The benefits are fantastic but we often forget about the dangers, creating exposure to risks that were unheard of twenty years ago. These include:

theft or unauthorised access to sensitive, personal information
computer viruses that can destroy data and cripple essential IT systems that support business operations
computer fraud
reliance on third parties contracted to develop and operate IT systems
Threats can come from inside or outside the company. Acts by employees, accidental or deliberate, can be just as damaging as an external crimnal act. Some situations may result in investigations by statutory or regulatory authorities. Such investigations could involve considerable costs.

Here are some questions to consider:

How long can your business operate without IT systems?
Has responsibility for technology risks been left to the IT department or has the availbility of insurance to cover such risks been discussed at board level?
Are developments in your business activities dependent of outside contractors? Are you confident in their delivery capabilities?
Have you considered the reputational damage to your business that could be caused by stories ‘going viral’ on social media sites or being publicised by conventional media?
Who will pay the cost of regaining that reputation?

Traditional insurance policies were not designed to cover your cyber liability risks.

Getting the best deal

Phil Bristow discusses getting the best deal on Insurance

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