Are you getting the best insurance advice and customer service?

Too many customers are unhappy with the experience they receive from their insurance provider. How do you ensure you are not one of them?

Why good insurance advice and customer service is important

With so many providers of insurance and insurance brokers, why is it so hard to find a good one?
How do you know if an experience with a company will be positive before you use them?

Getting good advice is vital in guaranteeing that your business is adequately protected. Moreover, you need to have some certainty that you will receive good customer service in the event of a claim. A policy is only any good if, when making a claim, you receive the appropriate renumeration. Companies often require assistance to make this happen.

Does the insurance provider have the required expertise and resource?

With an increasing number of companies trying to reduce costs, people have been replaced by computers. Consequently, many companies no longer have the experience, or the resource, to provide the expertise and customer service that customers want. This has left customers vulnerable to receiving bad advice or not getting the necessary guidance, should they need to make a claim.

Getting the best advice

Phil Bristow discusses the benefits to getting good advice and customer service

Treating Customers Fairly

At Nsure Chartered Insurance Brokers, we provide the necessary expertise and resource to serve our customers well. This is why we are proud to have achieved the ‘Investors In People’ Standard.

We also have adopted a ‘customer charter’ in response to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the industry regulator, launching the Treating Customers Fairly initiative. This is an enterprise which we take extremely seriously.

If you want to make certain that you receive good advice from experienced individuals, and if you want the reassurance of knowing that a business has the people and desire to provide a great customer experience, call Nsure Chartered Insurance Brokers now on 01903 520200 or email