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Business Insurance Explained…

Need help or guidance on business insurance? Most businesses do, so you’ve come to the right place. 

We believe in advice. Buy online and you get what is termed a ‘non advised’ sale. That means no advice on:

  • Selecting the right cover for your business 
  • How the policy fine print exclusions and conditions may affect you
  • What information you must tell insurers
  • How to avoid Under-insurance
  • Ways of reducing or controlling your premium 
  • Specialist covers – Cyber, Credit, Intellectual Property. Do you need them?
  • And perhaps most importantly, supporting you through the claims process and fighting your corner

 We help you avoid making mistakes that could put your business at risk. 


To help, we have prepared a number of factsheets on specific insurance covers such as Cyber, Business Interruption and also issues such as avoiding underinsurance or if a vehicle is a write off. They are written in plain English and are free for you to download, but it is always best to speak to us about your specific issues or needs.

Arranging insurance is not the same wherever you go and not all Insurance Brokers are the same. We are the one of the few Chartered Insurance Brokers in Sussex (3) and in the UK (less than 200) which demonstrates our commitment to professionalism, and perfectly illustrates our dedication to giving our clients outstanding service and the best possible advice.

Published Articles

You will also find useful information in Phil Bristow’s ‘Business Matters’ articles. Phil has nearly 40 years’ experience in the insurance industry and has been writing monthly articles in the Worthing Herald on topical insurance issues for 10 years. They are informative, can be controversial and occasionally humorous. Follow this link and use the search facility with key words such as ‘flood’ to find relevant articles.

Connected Cars

...but it seems we are getting ahead of ourselves as we will see ‘connected’ cars on our roads well before everything goes driverless. The current guestimate is that all cars will be connected by 2025 and 75% will be driverless by 2035.The motor industry is...


Essex County Council fined a motorist for going through a bus gate (to you or me a tunnel under a bridge) reserved for buses, cycles and taxis but didn’t reckon on her being a psychologist. She argued that there were too many signs for the brain to process and it is...

Old Drivers

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Blockchain revolution is here

...but it is very much part of the digital age and seems set to revolutionise the way that financial transactions are processed. Blockchain is technology that provides the backbone, the ‘blocks’, for a chain of shared information and whilst originally devised for the...
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