Recent research shows that nearly a third of motorists had a minor collision whilst parking last year and over a third of those left without leaving a note with their details.

Motorists were most likely to clip other peoples’ wing mirrors or hit parking bollards and bays, with passenger distraction cited as the main reason for crashing. The survey also revealed interesting statistics about parallel parking: 75% of drivers feel put off if ‘under pressure’ from another motorist, 47% park further away if there is an easier option and 15% avoid it altogether.

With both parking sensors and a rear parking camera, I am obviously expert at parallel parking and am pleased to say that I was not one of the third that had an accident last year, however I will be included in this years figures! Having been distracted by the radio, I didn’t hear the parking sensor and am still working on an excuse as to why I ignored the rear parking camera. At least the tree was unscathed so I didn’t have to leave a note.