The shocking attacks in Paris have obviously dominated recent headlines and come at a time of change to the Government’s ‘Pool Re’ terrorism schemes for the UK.

They are trying to encourage the take up rate of terrorism cover outside of London and the big cities and have reduced rates in the provinces, as well as introducing discounts for smaller businesses. The scheme also now faces competition from a number of insurers prepared to write terrorism risks again, but whether an attack on another capital city will change the perception of the need for cover remains to be seen.

There has been another massive personal injury award in the US with a 61 year old Washington man awarded $21.5m when he was injured by an automatic sliding door on a cruise ship in 2011. He now suffers from a minor brain injury causing seizures, memory loss and vertigo.  The court heard that the operators did nothing about the doors, despite 34 previously recorded incidents in their fleet of ships and the verdict included $16.5m in punitive damages as punishment. They plan to appeal.

On a lighter note, reports that insurers using blackbox technology in cars to monitor driving habits could put premiums up if you drive in the rain, probably don’t hold water!